Expression Number 1

Expression Number 1 – Meaning of Numerology Secrets

Expression Number 1

Expression Number 1. Those with an should be leaders. 1 often points to a person becoming the owner of a business or being recognized for their natural talents.

As you go through life you should be looking for opportunities in new careers and try to be as creative as possible. Your innovation and ingenuity need to be developed.

Achieving your destiny may not be easy, however. Unless you have other aspects of numerology showing that you’re independent or pointing to your ability to achieve things on your own, you will likely need others working for you to meet your full potential.
Expression Number 1
You can see the big picture and have the vision to make it happen, but you can miss the little things. Choose your employees well and you’re guaranteed to succeed.

Expression Number 1 Challenges

Expression Number 1 Challenges. The tendency to want to overpower those around you can make you hard to be around and the need to always be innovating can make you make changes that aren’t necessarily needed.

You can still achieve your destiny without being bossy and self-centered. It will just take some work on your part. Don’t let expression number 1 force you into changes that don’t need to be made.

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