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Free Numerology Reading – Your Personalized Numerology Report

Free Numerology Reading

The associations between numbers, dates, and life events span hundreds of years of research and insight. Experts have been delving into numerology since BCE times and the practice has remained throughout history. Numerologists look at a birthdate to determine which astrological happenings were occurring at that time and how that plays into the person’s life path and talents. Whether you believe in it or not, it’s an interesting way to look at numbers and the significance of certain dates.

There are several established websites out there that will offer a . Participants just enter their name and birthdate and the site will bring up some specific correlations related to abilities, life challenges, and highlights.

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Free Numerology Reading

Free Life Path Reading

Numerologists use a person’s birthdate to decipher his or her Life Path Number. They might look at the birthdate in terms of mm/dd/yyyy so if someone was born on July 1, 1975, it would be written 07/01/1975. Numerologists would start with the birth year, 1975. They would add up each digit in that number to get 22. Then they would add 2+2 to get 4.

Next, they’ll take the digits for the month (7) and day (1) as well as the 4 from the year digits. That adds up to 12. Finally, they will get the sum of 1+2, which is 3. This person’s Life Path Number is three, which represents creativity. People with this Life Path Number are artistic and see the beauty in everything the world has to offer.

Those with Life Path Number 1 are natural-born leaders; 2 relates to nurturing relationships; 4 is the builder or worker. 5 relates to flexibility and variety while number 6 is the harmonizer. Those with Life Path Number 7 are always in the pursuit of knowledge and those with 8 seek to make a difference in the world.

Free Heart’s Desire Reading

Also known as the soul number, you can calculate it by taking the vowels of your entire birth-given name. Then you can use a numerology chart to figure out the number that each letter corresponds to. A numerology chart is quite simple; it has numbers 1 through 9 in a row. Underneath each number is a letter of the alphabet. So, 1 goes with A, 2 goes with B, 3 goes with C, and so on. When you get to 9 (which corresponds with I), go back to 1 and repeat the process until you’ve gone through the whole alphabet.

So, if someone’s name was John Paul Smith, he would take the vowels from each of his names: O for John, A, and U for Paul, and I for Smith. He will then add up the vowel numbers for each group so John is 6 (O=6), Paul is 4 (A=1 and U=3, so 1+3=4), and Smith is 9 (I=9). Finally, add up the single digits to get the heart’s desire number (6+4+9=19). Now, his sum was 19 so he’ll add 1 and 9 together to get 10, and 1+0 is 1. So his heart’s desire number is 1, which relates to the need to be independent.

Number 2 yearns for peace, 3 wants to inspire and entertain others, and 4 seeks to achieve stability. 5 wants freedom and 6 to show hospitality. 7’s desire is knowledge while 8’s is success. 9 seeks to be of service and 11 is a peacekeeper with deep wisdom. 22 aims to create a lasting impact while 33 is a natural-born nurturer.

Free Numerology Reading

Free Personality Reading

This numeral depicts how you come off to others and the world around you. It uses a similar method as the heart’s desire number, only using the consonants instead of the vowels. For example, Oprah Gail Winfrey’s personality number is 5, which represents someone who has an interest in community action and getting involved in social matters. That’s a pretty good match for Oprah, isn’t it? Check out the other personality numbers below and see if yours pertains to your personality traits.

Personality number 1 is ambitious and determined while 2 is trustworthy and fair. 3 is creative and well-spoken and 4 is stable and well-organized. 6 encompasses a hospitable and nurturing spirit while 7 is introverted and intelligent. 8 is confident and resourceful. 9 has attractive charisma and positivity while 11 is emotional and intuitive, often hiding his or her timid personality. Finally, 22 is very creative but also pragmatic.

Free Maturity Number Reading

Numerologists calculate the maturity number by adding the single digits of the life path and destiny numbers. It’s called the maturity number because it doesn’t come into play until a person hits the second pinnacle of his or her life around age 28. People have four life pinnacles, which relate to the stages of life and their subsequent events. In numerology, these correspond to key moments in an individual’s life when he or she experiences deep learning and personal growth.

A maturity number of 1 relates to developing self-sufficiency and leadership skills. 2 is all about opening up to new relationships and becoming involved in group dynamics. 3 is called to explore his or her creative endeavors while 4 is called to work hard to achieve goals and push through barriers. 5 is reevaluating personal freedom while 6 is learning how to be of service to others. 7 explores deeper introspection and 8 dives into organization and success. 9 is all about learning to serve selflessly for the greater good and 11 relates to working towards a higher spiritual purpose. 22 is called to make achievements on a larger scale and 33 is meant to use his or her spiritual gifts to benefit others.

Free Numerology Reading

Free Balance Number Reading

People turn to this digit when they head into emotional turmoil and need something to lean on. The balance number stays in the background until the going gets tough. To calculate it, find the corresponding digits to the first letters of your first, middle, and last names. Oprah’s would be 6(O), 7(G), 5(W). The sum of these three digits is 18, and 1+8=9. So Oprah’s balance number is 9, which is the gift of finding solutions and seeing the bigger picture in conflicts.

Balance number 1 is about garnering support from friends and family to tackle issues. 2 is about handling emotions and using diplomacy in the face of adversity. 3 is about using charisma to handle problems. 4 is the gift of perspective and positivity. 5 is about facing an issue head-on rather than trying to ignore it. 6 relates to obtaining an understanding of people’s circumstances while 7 is about retreating and using an analytical mindset to overcome challenges. 8 is about using a balance of power and emotional intelligence.

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