House Number 3 Numerology

House Number 3 Numerology – Are You Living at the Right Address?

House Number 3 Numerology

is a place for gatherings, parties, and creativity. Extroverts with an eye toward meeting new and exciting people and artists, singers, and songwriters often find their way to places like this.

Passion, sexual energy, and love of life also surround a 3. They can sometimes be recognized by having a strong triangle appearance from the outside, similar to a pyramid.
House Number 3 Numerology

House Number 3 Challenges

The challenges are that they can inspire frivolous spending, confusion, and a lack of focus. Simply keeping a balanced checkbook can help those in a 3 house to both focus and keep their spending in check.

3 addresses are often messy and hectic, a side effect of their tendency to attract parties and children. They also can bring you to withdraw from daily responsibilities.

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