House Number 5 Numerology

House Number 5 Numerology – Are You Living at the Right Address?

House Number 5 Numerology

is the embodiment of energy and change. This is a place for people who love to entertain and love surprises. Travel, continuous activity, and adventure often accompany a 5.

This is not the place for someone looking for quiet, reflection or relaxation. The volatile nature means that you may not be living there for long. Because 5 homes inspire change, they’re often up for sale or rent.
House Number 5 Numerology

House Number 5 Challenges

Lessons to be learned include acceptance, change, the use of freedom and facing your fears.

If you’re prone to addiction then a 5 house may not be for you. The challenges of a 5 revolve around living to excess. You can avoid these by staying focused and not indulging yourself.

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