House Number 5 Numerology

House Number 5 Numerology

House Number 5 Numerology

is the embodiment of energy and change. This is a place for people who love to entertain and love surprises. Travel, continuous activity, and adventure often accompany a 5.

This is not the place for someone looking for quiet, reflection or relaxation. The volatile nature means that you may not be living there for long. Because 5 homes inspire change, they’re often up for sale or rent.
House Number 5 Numerology

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House Number 5 Challenges

Lessons to be learned include acceptance, change, the use of freedom and facing your fears.

If you’re prone to addiction then a 5 house may not be for you. The challenges of a 5 revolve around living to excess. You can avoid these by staying focused and not indulging yourself.

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2 thoughts on “House Number 5 Numerology”

  1. Hello, my house is number 14 which adds up to 5. Is it possible and beneficial to have the house cleansed before I move in?

    1. By adding another number to the outside of your house, or near the front door, you can influence that number.

      Just keep in mind that this will change the house’s vibration toward the more desired number, but the original number will still be dominant. So if you had a 2 house and put a 5 on the wall by the front door you would influence its vibration to be closer to a 7. The house would still have characteristics of a 2 on top of the 7 and could even feel some influence from a 5 as well!

      From a numerology standpoint, there is no need to get the house cleansed. You can influence the number toward something more suitable for your lifestyle.

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