House Number 6 Numerology

House Number 6 Numerology – Are You Living at the Right Address?

House Number 6 Numerology

channels the vibration of love and brings with it the creativity, compassion, artistry, and harmony. The 6 welcomes people as they enter with its balance and harmony. Children and animals will be especially happy here. Nearly everyone will feel happy and welcome.

The love vibrations will manifest in everything its inhabitants do. Those that live in a 6 home tend to be socially active and nurturing toward others. It is a great place to start a healing based business.

House Number 6 Challenges

The challenges associated with a 6 house often revolve around taking too much care of the family while not taking care of yourself. Some owners find themselves wanting to stay at home more than they should. You can counter these challenges by making sure that you don’t lose track of yourself. A long walk will get you out and allow you some time to reflect upon yourself.
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