House Number 7 Numerology

House Number 7 Numerology – Are You Living at the Right Address?

House Number 7 Numerology

is a deeply spiritual vibration. A 7 is very much a sanctuary. They feel calm, peaceful, relaxing and quiet. Writers, researchers, and those who are especially interested in spirituality would do well here. The 7 vibration is also slightly secretive and introspective.

House Number 7 Numerology
Those looking to hone their spiritual energy will be well served by a 7 address. It lends itself to a lifestyle away from others except for a few very close friends.

House Number 7 Challenges

Making a conscious effort to get out and interact with others will help with countering the challenges. The extremely transformative nature of 7 homes can make it difficult for couples and new friendships. This has the effect of either driving them apart or making them come much closer together.

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