Life Path Number 11

Life Path Number 11 – The Visionary

Life Path Number 11

is the most intuitive of all of the life paths. This means that they have a very clear understanding of those around them. Often they can even feel as if they have psychic abilities as they seem to know things without ever being told about them.

Life path number 11 is very spiritual. They often confront great pain in their lives just to come out even more understanding and connected to their spirituality.

The positive parts of life path number 11 are in their intuition, commitment to relationships and their ability to finish projects that they start.

Life Path Number 11

Disadvantages of Life Path Number 11

The disadvantages of life path number 11 come when they get overwhelmed by their gifts. This can lead to indecisiveness and nervousness. The other downside is that life path number 11 doesn’t normally fully come into their own until later in their lives.

Characteristics: Intuitive, Gifted in the Metaphysical, Sensitive, Patient

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