Life Path Number 2

Life Path Number 2 – The Peacemaker

Life Path Number 2

People with the come into this world with an understanding of how to listen, mediate and fix other’s problems. Life path 2 people are often natural diplomats and many of the top diplomats in history have been 2s.

2 is a strong vibration that makes you sensitive to the feelings and needs of others. You bring a high level of patience with you as well, making you ideal to bring lasting changes to society.

The positive side of 2 allows you to see all sides of an argument so you can help others reach a middle ground in their disputes. They also make you an honest and open person in everything that you do.

Life Path Number 2

Life Path Number 2 Disadvantages

The disadvantages of life path number 2 come from your sensitivity and need to belong to a group. Indecisiveness is a trait that can take over life path 2s. Seeing all sides can make it difficult to choose one direction. Living on the negative side can also bring feelings of uneasiness and pessimism.

Characteristics: Intuitive, Diplomatic, Idealistic, Patience

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