Life Path Number 3

Life Path Number 3 – The Communicator

Life Path Number 3

comes with a strong vibration of creativity and communication skills. They enter this plane with a desire to express themselves. This often leads life path 3s to endeavors like acting, writing and public speaking. The entertainers of the world tend to be life path 3s.

Life path number 3 tends to lead toward an enjoyment of today without a care for tomorrow. You find creative pursuits very easy to master and should make a move in that direction if you feel like it’s for you. Ignore those that will try to convince you to find a more practical path.

The positive side of life path number 3 makes easy to get along with and worry-free. You’re welcome in any social situation because you can make anyone feel at home around you.

Life Path Number 3

The Disadvantages of Life Path Number 3

The disadvantages of life path number 3 come from being very sensitive. The highs that you feel when you’re happy are mirrored in the lows that you can feel when you’re down. Eventually, you’ll bounce back but you should try to control your mood swings if you can.

Characteristics: Positive, Joyful, Creative, Artistic

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