Life Path Number 4

Life Path Number 4 – The Builder

Life Path Number 4

is the builder, you’re grounded and provide structure for those around you. You come to earth with the ability to plan, build, and make things work. The best among life path 4s are those people that conceive of plans and constructs that form society itself.

4 are able to take orders and carry them out or lead and develop the community around them. They’re dependable and able to come up with ideas that others could never conceive without them.

The positive aspects of life path number 4 come from their stability and willpower. They have the ability to reach great heights and can rise to fame and wealth if that is something they choose for themselves.

Life Path Number 4

Disadvantages of Life Path Number 4

The disadvantages of life path number 4 come when their stability and perseverance grows into stubbornness. Narrow-mindedness needs to be avoided or it can take over your view of the world.

Characteristics: Stability, Security, Planning, Hard Working

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