Life Path Number 5

Life Path Number 5 – The Free Thinker

Life Path Number 5

is the path of freedom and change. You come into the world with the skills needed to leave lasting change on this plane. Constant change and improvement mark your path.

Life path number 5 is the free spirit, they dislike structure and see it as too constraining. They tend to live for today and don’t fear what may be coming down the road. Instead, they are often found following where ever the path may take them.

The positive side of life path number 5 comes from compassion and an adventurist nature. The versatility of a life path number 5 makes them well suited to a number of jobs, but they’re best when they’re in a job that lets them travel a lot or in something like sales where they can interact with a wide variety of people.

Life Path Number 5

The Disadvantages of Life Path Number 5

The disadvantage of life path number 5 comes from falling into excess. Excess in drinking, relationships, and other parts of life can bring you down faster than you realize. Restlessness can also cause many changes in relationships and getting bored easily.

Characteristics: Compassion, Curiosity, Fun, Flexibility

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