Life Path Number 7

Life Path Number 7 – The Philosopher

Life Path Number 7

is a spiritual path with a tendency for deep reflection. You come to earth with all the traits needed to make you a great thinker, analyst, and investigator. Your love of solitude means that you have plenty of time to ponder the deeper thoughts that others ignore.

Life path number 7 are intellectuals that spend long periods of time in their own heads. They excel at detecting insincere people and tend to stay away from them if at all possible. Staying far from modern life can often make them happy as well and they do well in areas that don’t have a lot of people.

The positive aspects of life path number 7 are a higher awareness and different point of view than most other people. Careers in which you can be alone most of the time are great for life path number 7.

Life Path Number 7

Disadvantages of Life Path Number 7

The disadvantages that come with life path number 7 are mostly focused around being alone and introverted.   You should strive to get out and participate in the world around you occasionally as it’s easy for you to get sucked into your own head a miss the lighter things in life.

Characteristics: Analytical, Intuitive, Scientific, Studious

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