Numerology Number 22

Numerology Number 22

Numerology Number 22. 22 is the other master number. It embodies all of the most positive aspects of number 4. People who are a 22 have an ability to envision an idea and see it through to completion in the material world.

Positive Numerology Number 22 Traits

The positive traits of numerology number 22 are idealism, pragmatism, creativeness, genius, intuitiveness, and being idealistic.

Number 22 Numerology

Numerology Number 22 Challenges

Being the embodiment of the master builder can cause strain on . Nervousness and anxiety often plague numerology number 22 along with a strong headed attitude that comes from being able to see things that others can’t.

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Negative Numerology Number 22 Traits

The negative traits of numerology number 22 are nervousness, anxiety, stubbornness, immovability, inflexibility, obnoxiousness, and willfulness.

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