Numerology Number 4

Numerology Number 4

Numerology Number 4. The number 4 represents the builder. It is a symbol of stability, groundedness, and earth. When a 4 is associated with a person they are stable and determined. The workers of numerology.

Positive Numerology Number 4 Traits

The positive traits of numerology number 4 are practicality, organization, service, patience, devotion, patriotism, dignity, trust-worthiness, endurance, loyalty, mastery, conservatism, determination, production and hard work.

Number 4 Numerology

Numerology Number 4 Challenges

challenges come from an inability to adapt to change, strong beliefs that they are correct and others are not, and stubbornness to the point that they can drive others away. Numerology number 4 requires the support of loved ones and family to keep them grounded.

Negative Numerology Number 4 Traits

The negative traits of numerology number 4 are a lack of conviction, the inability to adapt, clumsiness, laziness, hard-headedness, and distrust of the unknown.

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