Numerology Number 6

Numerology Number 6

Numerology Number 6. 6 is the homemaker of the numerology world. It represents nurturing, love, warmth, motherly and family. Both men and women who are 6s have these traits but men will sometimes manifest these traits in a more defensive, protective manner.

Positive Numerology Number 6 Traits

The positive traits of numerology number 6 are responsibility, caring, teaching, providing, protecting, healing, selflessness, honesty, and charity.

Number 6 Numerology

Numerology Number 6 Challenges

The challenges of come from being overprotective, smothering and dominant. Numerology number 6 also has a tendency to wear their heart on their sleeve, often leading them to be walked on by those they’re trying to protect. 6s can easily become overwhelmed.

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Negative Numerology Number 6 Traits

The negative traits of numerology number 6 are being disconnected, unaware, hypocritical, morally superiority, impractical, shallow, restless, and easily stressed.

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