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Dedicated to gaining knowledge through the use of numerology, astrology, and tarot!

Numerology, Tarot, and Astrology are the basis for true metaphysical guidance. By combining these three disciplines we can expand our understanding of the world around us!

Don’t go on your spiritual journey alone!

We often think that speaking is the most important part of our communication. The truth is universal patterns used in the design of everything in our reality is how we communicate best with the people and the world around us.

Join us in exploring the known and the unknown as we take out spiritual journey together!

Soul Urge Number 3

Soul Urge Number 3 – Calculate Your Heart’s Desire!

Soul Urge Number 3   As a Soul Urge Number 3, you gain happiness as you participate in artful endeavors. When you can express yourself through writing, singing, sculpting or other art outlets you feel most…

Soul Urge Number 2

Soul Urge Number 2 – Calculate Your Heart’s Desire!

Soul Urge Number 2 Soul Urge Number 2 desires love and balance in their lives. Mediating arguments and resolving the problems of others fills soul urge number 2 with a deep sense of accomplishment and…

Soul Urge Number 1

Soul Urge Number 1 – Calculate Your Heart’s Desire!

Soul Urge Number 1 Winning is what drives soul urge number 1 ! You gain a sense of completion when you win at any competition. A soul urge number 1 must also feel independent to…

House Number Numerology

House Number Numerology – Are You Living at the Right Address?

House Number Numerology As with everything in life, your house has a distinct vibration that can be determined through numerology. House numerology is arguably one of the most important aspects to understand. So much of…

Angel Number 999

Angel Number 999 – You Are Ready for Your Next Chapter

Angel Number 999 Is the angel number 999 everywhere that you look? If this number continually pops up throughout the day, you could be receiving a message from celestial beings. What Does Angel Number 999…

Angel Number 888

Angel Number 888 – Prepare Yourself for Positive Change

Angel Number 888 Are you worried about the outcome of an event or decision that you made? If you start to see the angel number 888 everywhere, there is a good chance that things will…

Angel Number 777

Angel Number 777 – You Are a Creative and Skilled Individual

Angel Number 777 All things are connected, which is how angels can communicate. While they cannot communicate directly, they can subtly draw your attention to things. One way is through the Angel Number 777! What…

Angel Number 666

Angel Number 666 – Correct the Imbalances in Your Life

Angel Number 666 The angel number 666 carries negative connotations in some cultures. When you see angel number 666, you may think that you are about to experience bad luck. Instead of bad luck, the…

Angel Number 555

Angel Number 555 – Time to Prepare for Major Changes

Angel Number 555 Great change is about to occur in your life. If you start seeing angel number 555 everywhere, that is what your guardian angels want you to know. What Does Angel Number 555…

Angel Number 444

Angel Number 444 – Get Ready to Make Important Decisions

Angel Number 444 Do you believe in angels? Whether you do or not, they are out there watching over you. If you accept their guidance, you may find yourself overcoming many of life’s challenges. One…

Angel Number 333

Angel Number 333: Your Angels are Watching Over You

Angel Number 333 Angel number 333 is a common message. When you see this number repeatedly, your angels are providing their support. It is a positive message. However, there is more to explore. What Does…

222 Angel Number

Get the TRUTH about 222 angel number – The reason you keep seeing 222

Meaning of Angel Number 222 If you keep seeing the 222 angel number everywhere, your angels have a message for you. Angel numbers are spiritual signals from celestial beings that can be found everywhere that…

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