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Personality Number

The personality number is sometimes called the inner dreams number. Both names describe what this number represents.

In numerology, the represents your greatest subconscious hopes and dreams. These are the things that you wish for so much in your subconscious that they are visible to others in the way that you interact with them when you first meet.

Your personality number can also be described as the outer you. Others will pick up these things about you relatively easily, even if you try to hide them. Even if this isn’t how you actually feel, others will initially perceive you this way.

Knowing your personality number can help you to understand what others think about you when you first meet. It can be very valuable in your dealings with new people!

Personality Numbers

Personality Number

Coming up with your personality number. Your number is the sum of all of the consonants in your full birth name. Add the corresponding numbers together and reduce to a single digit keeping master numbers 11 and 22 as a whole.

If you use Y as a vowel, then it isn’t counted as a consonant. If Y has not been used as a vowel then you would add it in when determining your number.

The Meaning of Your Personality Number

Personality Number 1. You give off a sense of confidence that others can clearly perceive. You have no problem with taking risks and radiate a dynamic energy.

You dream of being a leader.

Your natural presence means that others are drawn to you and follow you. This works well for you as you are driven and ambitious.

You should dress in neat clothing that enhances your leadership qualities. Strong lines and stripes work well.

Becoming overweight can lower your self-confidence more than others since you believe others will be critical of you and not want to follow you. Avoid becoming overweight, or try to lose weight, in order to maintain your confidence and leadership persona.

Personality Number

Personality Number 2. You appear to be trustworthy and reliable. You also give off a warm and non-threatening feel that others will immediately sense.

You dream of cooperation and meaningful relationships.

Others find you to be a great listener and often confide in you. This goes well with you as you’re naturally relaxed and patient.

Soft flowing clothing compliments your attitude well. Try to dress in a manner that is more flashy than you would like to help you stand out a little more.

Much of your sensitivity and perception may have been brought on by being overly criticized as a child. This could make you shy in environments that you’re not familiar with.


Personality Number 3. You are most likely very attractive to the opposite sex. This is due to both your physical appearance and your natural charming and inspiring demeanor.

You dream of becoming an artist and expressing yourself in artistic ways.

People find your company pleasant and like to be around you. You have the ability to use this to your advantage by promoting yourself. This self-promotion opens many opportunities for you and makes you seem very lucky.

You appreciate the best clothes and accessories. Dressing in current fashions will make you even more attractive and desired.

You fall in and out of love very quickly. You need to learn to avoid this tendency and settle down for long-lasting happiness.

Personality Number

Personality Number 4. You give off a sense of reliability and trustworthiness. You are very serious, efficient and organized. You dream of being a trustworthy and meaningful member of society.

People you meet consider you to be stable and mature. You are the go-to person for serious jobs that need to get completed on-time and thoroughly.

Earth tone clothing that makes sense for your surroundings is what you typically dress in. Try adding a little bit of color to spice things up a bit.

Family members and co-workers may take you for granted. Make sure you don’t lose sight of yourself in your desire to get the job done and help others outs. Take some time for yourself and reward yourself for goals that you complete.


Personality Number 5. You give off a laid-back feeling that makes people relax around you. You make people want to emulate your actions.

You dream of being free of responsibility.

People find your company stimulating and love to be around you. You are the life of the party and probably would be a great salesman.

You can get away with dressing very colorfully and should stick to stylish clothing.

You can quickly find yourself getting overwhelmed by the desire to indulge in food, sex, alcohol, and drugs. Counter this by trying to learn the benefits of modesty.


Personality Number 6. You give off a welcoming and generous feeling to those you meet for the first time. You have an impeccable sense of judgment.

You dream of having the perfect family.

People see you as warm willing to help anyone. You have a tendency to attract those in need.

You care more about your inner appearance than your outer appearance but still have a good grasp of fashion.

You aren’t a very good judge of others as you try to always see the best in people. You can also be overly generous. Don’t go overboard with giving when it will negatively impact you.


Personality Number 7. You come off as introverted and shy, even mysterious when you meet new people. You are self-sufficient and independent.

You dream of being left alone to pursue spiritual enlightenment.

People see you as the perpetual student that you are. You attract people to you that appreciate your intelligence and wisdom.

You may or may not care about your appearance but you never come off as messy or unkempt. You know that fashion can help you in certain circles.

Your intelligence and studious tendencies can make you appear arrogant. Be willing to take suggestions from others and don’t be dismissive.

Personality Number

Personality Number 8. People first see you as impressive and powerful. Your skills and natural authority have a tendency to attract people with wealth and resources. You dream of political or business success.

Those who spend time around you find out that you’re actually very happy and want those around you to be happy as well. Your family and co-workers enjoy being around you.

Your natural power needs to be complemented by your clothing. Dress in quality clothing to show everyone what you’re about.

Beware of overconfidence. You can become so full of yourself that you eventually become cutthroat and vicious in business dealings.


Personality Number 9. You give off an air of royalty. Others are impressed by you and see you as elegant and graceful. You have the characteristics of an actor or other performers.

You dream of being creative and intellectual.

Many people admire you and many people really don’t like you, either way, everyone has an opinion of you.

Your good taste leads to you wearing the most stylish clothing which only adds to the elegance that you portray.

Others can become very jealous of you. This is mostly due to their own insecurities, but it can lead to hidden enemies that may have it out for you. Don’t make anyone your enemy if you can help it!

Personality Master Numbers

Personality Number 11. You possess all of the traits of personality number 2, but they are greatly enhanced.

You dream of being an idealist.

While the positives of number 2 are increased, so are the negatives! Try not to let your shyness overcome you and don’t let others take advantage of you.

Personality Number 22. You possess all of the traits of personality number 4, but they are greatly enhanced. You dream of creating lasting and monumental projects.

While the positives of personality number 4 are increased, so are the negatives! You have the most potential, but meeting that potential is not easy. If you do meet your full potential, you will need to fight the urge to see yourself as better than those around you.

Personality Number Wrap Up

Some see the personality number as very important and others see your personality number as less important. There’s one thing for sure, your personality number is important in understanding your personal numerology.

Your personality number can tell you a lot about yourself and it can tell you a lot about how others view you.

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