Soul Urge Number 3

Soul Urge Number 3 – Calculate Your Heart’s Desire!

Soul Urge Number 3


As a Soul Urge Number 3, you gain happiness as you participate in artful endeavors. When you can express yourself through writing, singing, sculpting or other art outlets you feel most happy with yourself.

will feel good during social interactions of all kinds. If you can find a job that lets you be creative on a daily basis you can be sure to be happy with your career.

Your desire to always be creative can make you aloof in other areas of your life. It also needs to be trained in order for you to get the most out of it.

Challenges of Soul Urge Number 3

The challenges of

soul urge number 3

can make you too easygoing and too optimistic. It also makes

soul number 3

sensitive to being criticized by others.

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Soul Urge Number 3
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