What Is Chaldean Numerology?

What Is Chaldean Numerology?

Determining who we are or who we will become has been a question humanity has posed to itself many times and in many ways. For answers, people have sought out oracles, tested astrology, taken advice from psychics, and used Chaldean Numerology to define who they are.

Chaldean Numerology is the ancient form of assigning numbers & letters to determine a person’s makeup and fate. It holds that all of the energy in the universe (including that of humans) is connected and can be measured with numbers that are cosmically assigned, specifically to each individual. It is believed that by using the same system, people can change their fate in life.

 If the energy assigned to each person can be measured in a mathematical way, then Chaldean Numerology can be used to determine how each human’s life will rise and fall within certain topics such as prosperity, love, and happiness throughout their lifetime.

History of The Chaldean System

Although there are many different numerology systems, they each share some commonalities. Chaldean Numerology began thousands of years ago in ancient Babylon, in an area controlled by the Chaldean peoples. It is believed to be the oldest and most accurate of all of the numerology systems.

How Chaldean Numerology Works

Chaldean numerology uses two items to deduce your personal Chaldean number.

  • Date of Birth: The numbers that make up your date of birth never changes and are the compass or your starting point.
  • Name: More specifically, your most-used common name is used to measure your energy. The letters of a name are related to numbers in the Chaldean chart.

Both your date of birth and your name play a significant role. As mentioned, your date of birth has assigned you certain qualities that are inherent to you. Your name, on the other hand, can be changed or manipulated to change your outcome in life. As we will see later, by changing your name, you will change the outcome of your life in a negative or positive way.

The Chaldean Chart


Calculating the Numbers

The calculation of a person’s name is not complicated. Remember, you will use your most common name, or what people most often call you. If, for instance, your name is Joseph, but you go by Joey, then the latter is the name to use in the calculation. Let’s complete a calculation with the name Joey to find the Chaldean Numerology number for the name.

J = 1

O= 7

E= 5

Y= 1

For this first name, Chaldean Numerology calculates by summing the numbers, with a result of 14. In the world of numerology, the number 14 has a meaning and can be broken down further. Once a last name, possibly a middle initial or name, along with a date of birth is added, several numbers will appear with an even deeper meaning.


Each number in Chaldean Numerology has a certain vibration or energy wavelength that was allocated at the beginning of time. These vibrations can be considered positive or negative and affect the energy from or given to a person based on their numbers. In other words, the way you are and how people treat you is based on these vibrations assigned to you.

Meanings of the Numbers

Number 1: This number represents a desire for freedom and leadership. It also represents an aversion to other leaders and authority

Number 2: This group tends to be artistic but subject to depressions in their lives.

Number 3: This represents the person who must do everything themselves to achieve success. Do not expect this person to share in responsibilities.

Number 4: These are the scientists and engineers of the world. As those who bring ideas and change, they make enemies of more conservative persons.

Number 5: The social butterflies of the system. These people are the fun at the party and the boardroom. They will surround themselves with many friends.

Number 6: The is our stubborn group, who prefers to be home and out of the social realm. They are also the most trustworthy of the groups. They do not care for social gatherings.

Number 7: This group is never satisfied and strives to find greater meaning in everything. They also are keen on understanding others. These are the seekers of knowledge in life.

Number 8: These are the world’s changemakers. Slowly and steadily, they seek change in the world they live in that is complete and permanent.

Number 9: Superman would be a good example of a number 9. This group represents the justice enforcers of the world. Those who believe in karma have seen the examples of this group.

These numbers are only the basic construct of the Chaldean Numerology system. There are many more number combinations that reflect several different meanings. The system takes time to be mastered and use correctly.

Changing Your Luck

The word luck has been used by many different cultures. Some say luck is an arbitrary phenomenon that only attaches itself to us randomly.

In Chaldean Numerology, we see that luck is anything but chance. Changing your name in order to change your vibrations from bad to good, the Chaldean system says that you can change your own luck in life and by therefore creating your own destiny.

Let’s say our Joey, used in the last example, changed his first name back to Joseph. This, in combination with his last name and date of birth, may change Joey’s negative fortunes to that of a prosperous Joseph’s.

It sounds simple, but there are many facets and ways to look at making these changes. Experts in Chaldean Numerology should be sought out if you are planning to make a change for better. Let’s take a look at some instances when numerology could be used.

Getting Married: It is still common in most countries that people take on their spouses last name when marrying. This is a good example when Chaldean Numerology can be used to determine ones fortune when the last name is changes.

Naming of a Child: According to numerology, the name given to a child will greatly affect their future and of those around them as well.

Tweaking Your Own Name: Chaldean Numerology can also be used to change your energy by simply adjusting your name. Many use the calculations to determine how slightly changing their name can affect their lives. It can be as simple as calculating a new score when adding a middle initial into a signature or using a more or less formal first name.

Examples of Practical Use

There are many instances where Chaldean Numerology is believed to be used to give people their best chance in life. One of the areas where this ancient practice is still in use in modern times is the entertainment field.

Did you think actors and athletes only changed their names because they did not like the old one? Many of these people have used Chaldean Numerology to change their fortunes in their careers.

Final Thoughts

The Chaldean Numerology system has been around for thousands of years and is known as the original system. By using numbers assigned by the universe and its energy, we can look into the fates of ourselves and others. The system also shows that changes in life are not always fated if the system is used to make changes to the names of persons who wish to change their destiny.

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