What Is Kabbalah Numerology?

What Is Kabbalah Numerology?

Numerology is an important branch of spirituality that is applied in many cultures throughout the world. The concept of numerology is to translate the most basic elements of the universe into numbers that have meaning to help you further understand the universe and to understand everything’s role in it.

It is human nature to want to understand how the universe works and to understand your role in it. That is where numerology comes in. However, there are many different types of numerology that give different interpretations. One of the most applicable types is Kabbalah numerology.

Kabbalah numerology is a specific type of numerology. Unlike many other types of numerology, it only focuses on your name given at birth and no other aspect of your life. The numbers represented by your birth name could have meaning in your life and it is believed that the number could be used to predict your future.

I will explain more about Kabbalah numerology, how to use it, and even some surprising truths behind it including its link to cultures and human psychology.

Origin of Kabbalah Numerology

Kabbalah numerology has origins from ancient Hebrew mysticism. The Hebrew alphabet resembles 22 astrological vibrations that are used to resemble the energies or waves that influence a person and in turn help the person influence the universe.

Kabbalah numerology was adapted from the Hebrew alphabet to the Greek and Roman alphabets to work in many of today’s modern languages.

Modern Kabbalah Numerology

Kabbalah numerology is not commonly used in modern numerology. One of the problems is that since the numerology only focuses on your name many numerologists believe the number represented by your name will only influence events in your life, not your character per se. It is believed that using just your name may not be enough to unveil a unique meaning for you.

Furthermore, the adaptation of the Hebrew alphabet to modern languages is not entirely accurate. There are some Hebrew letters with no modern equivalents so there is no guarantee that modern Kabbalah numerology is strongly linked to their mysticism roots.

However, many pop icons including Britney Spears and Madonna used and praised Kabbalah numerology. These icons have revived Kabbalah numerology and even made it more popular if not for a short time.

How To Use Kabbalah Numerology

In numerology, numbers are assigned to details in your life such as your birthdate. The details in Kabbalah numerology are the letters in your name. Each letter in your birth name is given a number.

This includes your middle name and last name given at birth. Names can change by marriage and other reasons. However, one of the rules in Kabbalah numerology is that it should only be applied to your name at birth.

Whatever you changed your name to means nothing in Kabbalah numerology. The numbers for each of your letters are represented in the table below.



Let’s say your name is Arthur Uther Pendragon (this is based on the character from the Legends Of King Arthur and any real representation of this name is entirely coincidental). Just take every letter and replace it with the respective number like in the table below.

You will then sum up these numbers as shown below.

Divide the sum by 9, but make sure you round down. Since the sum is 108, the number is fully divisible by 9.

This is not the number you will utilize! You need to find the remainder. The remainder is the number leftover from a division assuming the division can only result in a whole number.

How you get the remainder is you multiply the result of the division (quotient) with the number you divided the sum by. Then subtract the result of the multiplication (product) from the sum. The number remaining is the remainder.

Add 1 to this remainder (0 + 1 = 1) and the Kabbalah numerological number for Arthur Uther Pendragon is 1. The number 1 could be used to interpret Arthur Uther Pendragon’s life.

What The Kabbalah Numbers Represent

The Kabbalah numbers range from 1 – 9 and each provides some meaning to the individual. They are best explained as follows.

Note: the representation of these numbers is interpretive and should not be considered absolutes to yourself.

  • Individualistic, self-reliant, affirmative, progress, influenced by the Sun.
  • Psychic attraction, emotional, sympathetic, skeptical, expansion, influenced by the Moon.
  • Intellectual capacity, possibility to become rich and successful, love, influenced by Jupiter.
  • Possessing property, materialistic, position in the society, lack of fortune, influenced by Earth.
  • Reasonable, logical, of good ethics, fond of traveling, commercial, creation, influenced by Mercury.
  • Co-operation, good in sports, art, play, or music, result, influenced by Venus.
  • Good negotiator, bargaining, spirit, influenced by Moon.
  • Impulse influenced by Saturn.
  • Energetic, adamant, short temper, fortune, influenced by Mars.

The Kabbalah numbers represent some astrological energy. This includes the influence you receive from the universe and the influence you give back to the universe.

How Real Is Kabbalah Numerology?

Ignoring the interpretation heavy foundations of numerology and all other forms of spirituality is there any truth to Kabbalah numerology? You could argue, yes, there is some truth. In Hebrew culture, people would change their names fairly often in the hopes of good fortune.

For example, Hebrews would change their name if they or someone else fell ill in hopes of better fortune. However, this goes against one of the rules in Kabbalah numerology where you use your birth name.

Hebrew culture suggests that changing your name changes your destiny and that it is never fixed at birth. It is possible the cultural beliefs influenced the numerological system and not the other way around.

Even religious texts show the importance of changing names. For example, Abraham, an influential religious figure in many religions changed his name from Abram and his wife’s name was changed from Sarai to Sarah. After that, their destinies were changed including bearing children after having none for a long period of time.

Modern Influences of a Name

There is much about your life that is influenced by your name. What if your name is Arthur Pendragon?

Chances are your name alone brought you attention. You may have felt this influence even if just your first name was Arthur, or your last name was Pendragon.

Some research even suggests your name can cause subconscious events that can influence your life. For instance, if your name is easy to remember and pronounce, your employer is more likely to grant you a promotion or raise.

Well, Arthur Pendragon is an easy name to pronounce and remember. If that research and a millennia-old philosophy is correct, then your name is likely to have effects on your life.

Final Thoughts

Say what you want about astrology and numerology, but Kabbalah numerology is based on the concept of how your life and even the universe are both influenced by your name. There is evidence that your name will in fact influence your life by influencing people around you. At least in one way, it is right.

Maybe the details were not fully understood (and probably still are not fully understood), but the influence a name has on lives and people is unquestionable. It is possible Kabbalah numerology has more truth in its interpretation than you may believe.

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